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Dr. Rachel A. Kohl, OMD

As a student at San Diego’s Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Kohl participated in over 1000 hours of clinical internships in addition to her regular coursework. It was during this time that an externship at the University of California San Diego’s Cancer Center that she became passionate about integrating Oriental medicine techniques such as acupuncture and herbal medicine along with radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Our patients at Chiropractic Health Services describe Dr. Kohl as compassionate and understanding because of the time she takes with them to create an enjoyable therapy program specifically for them. In addition to working with oncology patients, she also provides relief for patients suffering from various internal ailments and orthopedic issues.

In her free time Dr. Kohl enjoys spending time with her husband, Dr. Ferris as well as hiking, cooking and photography. She can also be found teaching Psychology at Wongu University, Nevada’s only school for Oriental Medicine.