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I can not even begin to describe the importance this chiropractor has served in my life. I am originally from the Chicago area, and with blown discs that conventional doctors wanted to operate on – I have always had to to keep a focus on my back, and strength in my core, in order to keep my active lifestyle going.

I had a great chiropractor for many years in Chicago but when I came to Las Vegas I had to find a new chiropractor. This was not an easy task. I went to seven different chiropractors and each was worse than the last. It was a nightmare and was hurting my training for a half iron man. Finally, I had a friend I played softball with and mentioned to him that my back had really been hurting, but was unable to find a good chiropractor. He told me I had to give Dr. Cheree a visit.

He was right. She is an amazing chiropractor, and at first I didn’t know if I would like her open atmosphere – but it was great, she was so personable and the experience was actually fun. I laugh every time I’m in there. My back is now as strong as ever, and she actually started me out on a training regimen that frees me from even having to see her. Imagine that, a chiropractor that heals rather than keeps you coming back! Also her staff is great and a pleasure to see!

Tyler P.