Yogatsu Intuitive Coaching Sessions

The art of intuition is a specialty of the human species, and has recently become the subject of increasing scientific interest. What science tells us is that intuition is a skill inherent in all human beings. Despite this information, there are many who do not feel confident or comfortable tapping into this source of wisdom. Therefore, they seek guidance from those who are experienced intuitive coaches for the purposes of resolving current challenges, shifting perspectives, affecting desired changes, and pinpointing life-direction and purpose.





Alice – Yogatsu Coach

30 Minute Yogatsu Intuitive Coaching

  • Collect client information regarding present challenges, issues and questions
  • Client hand-selects specific number ofYogatsu Wisdom Cards
  • DecipherYogatsu Wisdom Card layout with Intuitive Intelligence, clarity, focus, reality directness
  • Use ofintuitive insights to pinpoint core issue, create perceptual shift, and implement directional change
  • Q&A time

60 Minute Yogatsu Intuitive Coaching

  • Includes30 Minute Yogatsu Intuitive Coaching
  • UtilizeEnergy Psychology to determine the meaning, purpose, opportunities and growth presented in current challenges
  • Recognize and discusswisdom nature of intuitive information received
  • Identifyblockages that have prolonged successful conclusion of issue
  • Explore and identifymental patterns, emotional habits and spiritual lessons that have a direct effect on the problem and desired result
  • Receive practical, beneficial, individualizedtools for applying intuitive insights to bring clarity and progress to issue for best outcome
  • Tap into client’s own intuitive wisdom insights tohelp them help themselves—as well as how to progress toward taking personal ownership and accountability for successful completion of situation in question
  • Q&A time