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Massage Therapy can help with many issues

Massage therapy is primarily known for relieving stress and removing tension from troublesome areas of the body. Massage therapy can do so much more for the body than just de-stressing. Here are some unique benefits of massage therapy:

Removes Desk Job Aches

Many people work in an office that requires a significant amount of sitting and remaining still for long periods of time. This sedentary lifestyle can cause pain, first in the neck and shoulders, then in the lower back and gluteal muscles. Regular massage therapy appointments can counteract the damage caused by too much sitting.

Improves Circulation and Motion, Decreases Pain

Whether injured or severe tension, the muscles can tighten and create a “knot” that applies pressure on the body. These knots cause decrease in circulation, limited mobility, and significant pain. A Deep Tissue massage therapy session can remove the knots and therefore increase circulation and improve range of motion for a more active lifestyle. Also, the pain is diminished and manageable going forward.


Patients who prefer to manage depression and anxiety in a natural and holistic manner need to schedule regular massage therapy sessions. Massage promotes a significant hormonal boost particularly the “feel good” hormones oxytocin and serotonin and reduces cortisol, which is the stress hormone that causes weight gain and anxiety. The massage itself, hands-on touch, promotes a greater sense of well-being and further increases hormone production. Massage is extremely therapeutic and a proven anti-depressant.

Promotes Better Sleep, Insomnia Relief

Massage therapy creates a sense of relaxation and peace through the hormones that are released during and after a massage. Patients who get regular massages have better sleep patterns and insomniacs find relief in their irregular sleep patterns with massage therapy.

Immunity Booster

One great benefit of massage therapy is the ability to boost the immune system. During a massage, the white blood cell count of the patient greatly increases. The white blood cells are responsible for defending the body against illness and disease.

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