As with any healthcare provider, you need to find a chiropractor who’s right for you. Just because the initials Dr. are in front of the name does not necessarily mean that they have what it takes to take care of you as an individual. Take the time to do a little research before you decide who will be helping you achieve total body wellness.

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  • Ask Questions: Although all chiropractors must pass the same stringent board certification process, but that doesn’t mean their treatment philosophies are the same. Are they willing to recommend other natural healing therapies such as massage or acupuncture? Do they focus solely on auto accident injuries or are they interested in total body wellness? If your doctor seems impatient during this process or not interested in your concerns, it’s time to see somebody else.
  • Insurance Coverage: Do they take insurance plans and are they a provider on yours? Do they offer payment plans or packages if they don’t? Are they willing to work with auto insurance companies or accident attorneys if you are seeking care for an accident? Chiropractic care should not be out of your reach due to financial concerns.
  • Trust Your Gut: If you feel uncomfortable in the office and you can’t put your finger on what is causing it, it is probably not the right practice for you.



At Chiropractic Healing Center, you’ll be able to tell that there is something different about our Summerlin-area office as soon as you meet our friendly office staff. We accept many insurance plans as well as work with accidental injury claims. We even have two licensed massage therapists on staff as well as doctors of Oriental Medicine to provide natural alternatives to healing. Schedule your first visit today to meet Dr. Cheree and her staff to learn how we can help you feel better.