If you spend many hours of your week working at a desk, you could be unwittingly sabotaging your health. By making some minor changes to how you spend your workday, you can be on the road to less pain and better overall health.

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  1. Too Much Chair Time: Have you heard the latest? Sitting is the new smoking. Spending too much time in a chair each day has been proven to be just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. It raises your risk of heart disease as well as other health issues.
  2. Too Much Screen Time: Do you sit in front of a computer all day? Staring at a screen for hours will not only hurt your vision, it can create a posture problem known as tech neck.
  3. Not Tidying Up: Did you know your mouse and keyboard could be harboring more bacteria than a public toilet seat? Gross, right? Wiping down your desk, keyboard and mouse with an antibacterial solution once a week can dramatically reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause illness.
  4. Eating At Your Desk: Eating at your desk is a bad idea on many levels. We already mentioned that it’s a breeding ground for illness-causing bugs but that’s not all that you need to be aware of. It can actually increase stress levels because you are not giving yourself a proper break or interacting with your co-workers in a social environment.


It’s not easy to break a habit, but the benefits you’ll receive by doing it are worth giving it a try. Be sure to ask Dr. Cheree at your next appointment about more ways to make your workplace healthier by replacing the bad habits that are hurting your health.