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Your chiropractor has your best interests in mind which is why you should be sure to listen to her advice. Following our chiropractic tips will let you live a healthier life with minimal back pain and other related issues. Even if it means you need to visit us less frequently, we would rather you are healthy, which is why we suggest you follow these tips.

Try Not Sit So Much

One of the best things you can do to help your body is to avoid sitting whenever you can. If you work in an office for eight hours a day, try to take regular breaks to walk around or see if you can get a standing desk. Sitting too much can lead to lower back pain and even increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. If you do have to sit, then try to keep your lower back’s natural curve and avoid slouching. Try to have your back straight and head up with your knees a little higher than your hips.

Get Your Injuries Treated Promptly

We also strongly recommend that you treat any injury as soon as possible. If you wait to treat a problem, it will most likely get worse and require more extensive treatment. You can even harm another area of your body if you don’t treat an injury right away because you will be favoring the affected area.

Incorporate Stretching Into Your Daily Routine

Simple stretching is easy to work into your daily routine as you only need a few minutes. You can even just do a few stretches at a time throughout the day while waiting for the elevator or during any other downtime. Stretching regularly will reduce your risk of injury and help your overall health. It can help you recover from injuries more quickly as well.

For more chiropractic tips, talk to Dr. Cheree at Chiropractic Healing Center.