Chiropractic headache care

Everyone suffers from headaches at some point or another but if you experience them frequently, you may want to visit your chiropractor. You may not realize it, but chiropractors are typically able to eliminate your headaches by treating the issue from the root. Instead of relying on over-the-counter medication constantly, your chiropractor can offer a natural solution without any side effects.



The Basic Idea

There are two main ways that chiropractors relieve headaches. We remove pressure placed on the nerves by any misalignment in your spine. We also remove tension of the neck muscles, which in turn minimizes nerve pressures caused by tight muscles. Both of these things will work to relieve headaches.

There have been numerous studies conducted recently that definitively linked nerve irritation and headaches. Some have found that muscle contractions affect the sensitive fibers along the base of your neck. These lead to your spinal cord and brain, meaning that muscle tension can lead to headaches in these areas.



More Permanent Relief

For most people with headaches, over-the-counter medications will only provide temporary relief. You will have to take the medication again in a day or so when the headache returns; something even in a matter of hours. Chiropractic will relieve the headaches permanently when your body is properly aligned without muscle tension causing problems. Continuing with regular alignments can help prevent the headaches from returning and provide all the other benefits associated with chiropractic care.



Relief From All Types Of Headaches

If you suffer from run of the mill headaches, then you may be more likely to trust that chiropractic care can relieve them. In reality, however, a chiropractor can even help with migraines or tension headaches. By treating the source of the issue in your spinal column or muscles, a chiropractor can indirectly eliminate the headaches.

Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson can examine you to figure out what is causing your headaches and determine what type of chiropractic care will be right to treat them. The first consultation at Chiropractic Healing Center will be to diagnose the issue; after that, we can begin treatment to eliminate your headaches and prevent their return.  Please contact us to set up your first appointment.