Chiropractor Auto Accident

Getting in a auto accident can be a stressful and painful experience. Even if you don’t notice any pain right away, that doesn’t mean that you weren’t injured during the collision. After you get the legalities taken care of and make sure no one is seriously injured, you will need to take care of yourself.



What To Do Right Away

Right after you get in an accident, stop driving. If appropriate pull over to the side of the road so you don’t block traffic. Try to stay calm and take a few seconds to mentally review what happened. Now is the time to make sure no one was seriously injured. Call an ambulance if you need to.

After you are sure that no one is seriously injured, it is time to exchange important information. Make sure you have each other’s crucial information, such as name, phone number, address, car make and model, insurance, license number, and vehicle ID. Also get information from any witnesses so you can contact them if necessary. This is the time to take photos of any damage to your car (and the other one) and draw a quick sketch of what happened. Remember to file your insurance claim immediately.



Helping Yourself

Even if you don’t notice any pain immediately following the car accident, visit a chiropractor or medical professional. They will be able to make sure that you weren’t injured in the collision. This is crucial since many people don’t notice pain following an auto accident right away; it may take days or even weeks for pain to appear. A chiropractor can evaluate you and ensure that everything is properly aligned whether or not you already feel pain.

Even if you feel fine immediately following the collision and your doctor doesn’t notice anything, be on the lookout for pain or anything that feels off. If you do notice an issue, Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson at Chiropractic Healing Center can help you work through it. She can treat everything from whiplash to back or leg pain to headaches. Remember to schedule an appointment even if you haven’t noticed any pain yet. A little bit of prevention can mean the difference between no issues and serious discomfort.  Please contact us today to book an appointment.