Chiropractic whiplash

One of the most common reasons people choose to visit a chiropractor is to treat whiplash following a car accident. We would rather our patients never experience whiplash in the first place, even if it is bad for business. Our priority is your health and well-being, which is why we encourage patients to do whatever they can to prevent whiplash from occurring. The most obvious way to avoid whiplash is to drive carefully so you don’t get in an accident or have to make a sudden stop.  This isn’t always possible, however, so you should keep a few other things in mind as well.


Have A Good Head Restraint

You should be thinking about the possibility of whiplash the next time you look for a new car. Pick a vehicle that has a head restraint with good ratings so you know that it can protect you effectively if a collision occurs. When an impact occurs, your body will be initially cushioned by your seat but your neck and head will keep moving back. If your car has a bad head restraint or it isn’t adjusted properly, your head will keep moving backwards, leading to whiplash. A good head restraint, however, will keep your head and neck in place throughout the entire collision, minimizing whiplash.


Adjust Your Head Restraint Correctly

Simply buying a car with a good head restraint isn’t enough for avoiding whiplash. You also need to make sure that it is adjusted properly for you. To do this easily, you may want help from someone else so you can sit comfortably in the seat and they adjust the position. You can then mark it somehow so you can share the seat with others and each be safe.

Start by getting your seat in the proper position, with an incline of less than 20 degrees. This position ensures you stay in your seat if there is a rear-end collision. Now you can position the head restraint. The top should be either above or level with the top part of your head. If you don’t have someone helping you, just put your hand on your then adjust the head restraint so it touches your hand. The head restraint should ideally be around 2 inches from the back of your head. It is better to be closer than further away.

If you do experience whiplash, then visit Chiropractic Healing Center. Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson can work with you to relieve the pain and get your body back in alignment.  Contact us today to set up an appointment.