Exercising your pec and your core muscles is crucial if you want to improve your overall physique. Doing so can help you build strong back and abdominal muscles. Exercises for the pec can also improve your chest’s structure and function. Note that your chest has two major muscle groups, namely the small pectoralis minor and the large pectoralis major. You need to work them out, as well as your core, to build a stronger body and loosen the tightness and eliminate tension in your muscles.


Knee Fold Truck

  • Designed to work out your core muscles, you should start this exercise by sitting tall with your knees bent and your hands on the floor. Squeeze a playground ball in between your knees.
  • Lift your knees, so they are positioned parallel to the floor. You can then extend your arms.
  • Pull your knees towards your shoulders, while ensuring that your upper body stay still.
  • Bring your knees back to the initial position, then do 15-20 reps.


Climbing Rope

  • Sit with extended legs. Your feet should also be turned out, forming a V, while your toes should be pointed.
  • Contract your core muscles. You can then roll your spine until it forms a C-curve.
  • Lift your arms then move them. You should move like you’re climbing a rope.
  • Slightly twist with every reach. Each arm should be able to perform 20 reaches.


Single Leg Pushup

  • Although challenging, this workout is crucial in improving your pecs. Begin on your toes and hands while spreading your feet to shoulder-width.
  • Raise one foot, so it hovers off the ground. Do each rep as you do a traditional pushup.
  • The wider your feet are set, the harder it will be for you to perform your pushup, since this will cause you to shift more weight into one of your arms.
  • Repeat the same steps until you complete your desired number of repetitions.


Wide Pushup

  • You can do this just like how you perform a traditional pushup. The only difference is that you need to set your hands as widely as what you feel comfortable and what you can control.
  • This form of pushup adds strain to your chest muscles, giving them their much needed workout.

By regularly performing these exercises, you can loosen the tightness in your pec and core area and improve your overall physique.  Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson at Chiropratic Healing Center can also help loosen those tight muscles.  Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.