Mid and upper back stretches are essential if you want to improve your flexibility and loosen tensed upper muscles that often cause back pain. Note that flexibility is a vital component of your overall fitness, health, sports performance and functionality. If you have flexible and loose muscles that are free from tension and stress, then you can easily control the movements of your joints.


It should also be noted that the muscles in your mid-back and upper back get restricted and tight overtime because of static position, repetitive movements, poor posture, strength imbalance and overuse. You can prevent this from happening to your mid and upper back muscles by performing the following stretching exercises:


  1. Seated Middle Back Stretch – You can perform this exercise regardless of where you are. It is even possible for you to do it even if you are currently in your work desk or at school. You can use this mid-back stretching exercise to loosen your upper muscles by following these steps:


  • Clasp both of your hands and position them in front of you. Lift them up to the height of your shoulders.
  • Let your shoulders roll forward. Imagine that your shoulder blades are being spread apart.
  • Stay in that position for as long as you like. Once done, you can relax.
  • Perform this stretching exercise whether you are sitting or standing.


  1. Spine Twist – This stretching exercise makes it possible for you to twist or rotate your spine to the left and right. The good thing about this mid-back stretch is that it reduces stiffness in your muscles, thereby loosening them and making it easier for you to move. Perform this stretch with the help of these steps:


  • Lie on your back. Make sure that your arms are positioned out to your sides when doing so.
  • Bend one leg up at the knee while the other leg should just be straight. Let the bent leg rotate over the other, which is positioned straight. Twist your lower spine and hips while also moving towards the floor using your body’s opposite side.
  • You can perform this stretch in the two directions. You should be able to feel the stretch all throughout your hips, ribs and middle back. This will indicate that it is working.


  1. Egyptian Back Stretch – This type of stretching exercise may seem like a tangled mess, but rest assured that it works effectively in stretching the muscles in your upper back. Here’s how to do it:


  • Stand tall while keeping your back straight. Raise your left hand and position it vertically at the front of your face. Your pinky finger should be facing out.
  • Use your right arm to reach under your left elbow. Reach up then hold your left thumb. Raise your two hands towards the ceiling. You should be able to feel the muscles between your shoulders stretching.
  • Hold this position for about twenty seconds. Switch your arms then repeat the steps.


If you want to loosen your upper muscles, then performing mid and upper back stretches every day is crucial. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also perform inverted row stretch, pull-up bar hangs, inverted row, standing pole stretches and kneeling cat back stretch, since these can also target your middle and upper back muscles.  Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson at Chiropratic Healing Center can help loosen those tight muscles in your mid and upper back.   Contact us today to set up your appointment.