Foam Roller


Bio foam rollers refer to self-massage devices, shaped like tubes, that are useful in working out the tight spots and knots that cause pain in various parts of your body. These devices are extremely useful for those who plan to boost their flexibility and improve their muscular health. If you are one of them, then use the following as a guide in choosing the best bio foam roller, which you can use at home:


  1. Determine its intended purpose – Ask yourself how you intend to use the foam roller. Find out if it is mainly to massage your tissues, or if you’ll use it for your workouts like core and balance training. Note that there are different kinds of foam rollers. Half-round foam rollers, for instance, are ideal for seniors or for anyone who have less muscle tone or strength. You have to look for one, which is capable of performing its intended purpose.


  1. Pick your desired firmness – Base your decision regarding the firmness of the foam roller in your experience when using it. In most cases, these rollers are color-coded based on their firmness. The white ones are considered to be the softest. Green or blue rollers, on the other hand, have medium firmness. The firmest rollers are usually those that are colored in black.


  1. Ask yourself how often you’ll be using it – If you plan to use the roller heavily, then look for highly durable ones. Examples of durable ones are black and dense foam rollers. White rollers, especially those constructed out of polyethylene foam, tend to warp over time due to repetitive use and humidity. Find out if you will be using it heavily or lightly, so you’ll know which one will work suitably for you.


Once you have your chosen a bio foam roller, you have to know exactly how to use it in your workouts. One tip is to ensure that you are placing as much of your weight as possible into the foam roller. However, do so within your pain limits. Your bio foam roller makes it possible for you to work out based on your own pain threshold.


You can also change it based on the pain level that you are currently experiencing. Decrease or increase the pressure that you apply in the roller by taking away or adding your body weight along the process. You can also increase the applied pressure into the roller once you notice that your muscles are already relaxed. This will further improve the results of your foam roller exercises.  Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson  at the Chiropractic Healing Center can help you relieve those tight spots and knots that you having.  Schedule your appointment today to learn more.