Using yoga as a way to distress your mental and physical state is nothing new. It is still not used enough by people with lower back pain, however it deserves some attention. In order to get the most out of your body and its natural healing abilities, maximizing the benefits of yoga is a first priority step.


The Bow Pose

For anyone that has been paying attention to resistance exercises, there have been several brands built with equipment around the technique. However, everything you need is built right into you. The bow pose may seem like a bit of overkill for someone with lower back pain, and in some cases that is true. If used carefully it could be as light or as hard as it needs to be on the supporting muscles of the trouble area. While on your stomach, carefully reach behind for your heels and lift them. There is a lot of natural posture associated with this move, and it isn’t a pose that’s meant for everybody.


Seated Forward Fold

A seated forward fold is a little less intense, and something that most people will be able to accomplish on their own. Just like the bow pose, resistance will be as much as you want to put into it. While sitting down with your feet stretched out, lean forward and grab your toes. For lower back pain users, it is important to work your way into this by testing the resistance past your knees. If you can’t get to your feet then that is fine. Just go as far as possible, then get back to the sitting position and repeat.


The Clasp

The lowest impact yoga pose to heal lower back pain is going to be the lower back clasp. The simple move starts with users on their stomach. Reaching behind you, claps your hands together and then lift your chest off of the ground. Breathing is important in this exercise, with three breaths recommended while holding. Doing this for a couple of minutes a day will ensure maximum effectiveness for the pose.


Learning these poses will do wonders for your lower back pain, and they are all low impact and won’t cause further damage.  Also adding Chiropractic care can help relieve those back pains. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson at Chiropractic Healing Center.