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Using a foam roller before and after a workout can help reduce injuries and get rid of pain and swelling caused by exercise. A foam roller can also work wonders on chronic pain and stiffness caused by age or conditions like arthritis. If you sit at a computer all day for work you can also use a foam roller to alleviate chronic tension in your neck and shoulder muscles. Using a foam roller is a simple and inexpensive way to get rid of common pains like:


Low Back Pain

There are several different techniques that you can use to get low back pain relief using a foam roller. This is a very effective way to get rid of pain caused by sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day or pain that you have when you get out of bed.


Upper Back Pain

Sitting down and looking at a computer screen for work can cause a lot of tension and stress in the upper back. Take several breaks during the day to use a foam roller on your upper back and neck to get rid of the pain caused by studying or working.


Heel Pain

If you walk a lot during the day, spend an entire shift or more on your feet, or if you wear high heels during the day you can end up with excruciating heel pain by the end of the day. A foam roller is a fantastic way to loosen up the muscles in your feet and heels so that your foot and heel pain disappears.


Neck Pain

Sleeping in the wrong position, sitting all day, driving all day, or other daily tasks can cause pretty severe neck pain after a while. Tension can make neck pain worse. Use a foam roller every night on your neck to loosen up your stressed out muscles and relax.


Knee Pain

Knee pain, like foot pain, can be caused by extensive exercise, working on your feet, or wearing the wrong shoes. Chronic knee pain from arthritis or old injuries can also make knee pain a constant part of your life. A foam roller is a simple way to get rid of knee pain so that you can move freely again.


Calf Pain

Sore, tight calves can be caused by sitting in a chair that isn’t the right height all day or from sitting in a chair that isn’t supportive enough. Getting up at least once an hour and walking around throughout the day will help get rid of some of that calf pain. But the best way to get rid of calf pain is use a foam roller and perform some calf stretches.



Pain from sciatica can be excruciating. Using a foam roller to loosen up the muscles that surround the sciatic nerve can provide almost immediate relief from sciatica pain.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain from carrying heavy bags, hunching over a desk, or doing other daily tasks can be intense. But using a foam roller to loosen up both front and back shoulder muscles along with some shoulder stretches should dramatically lessen your shoulder pain.

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