las vegas lower back pain


Low back pain is one of the most frequent chronic pains that people suffer from. Sitting or standing for long periods of time, not sleeping on a supportive mattress, and medical conditions can all cause lower back pain ranging from annoying to excruciating. If you suffer from low back pain try these foam roller exercises at home to help loosen tight muscles and get rid of lower back aches and pains:


Lower Back Stretch

For this exercise you will need to lie down on the floor so you should put a rug or a mat down if you have hardwood floors. A towel also can work well. Lay on your back and position the foam roller under your back so your lower back is resting on the roller. Slowly raise your left knee and lean forward hugging your knee. Hold that for a few seconds then let go. Repeat with the right knee. Do this 10 -12 times until the pain decreases.


Hamstring Stretch

Tight hamstrings can cause a lot of pain and are often the result of not moving around enough during the day. To prevent tight hamstrings makes sure to get up and walk around or get up and stretch if you work at a desk all day. To stretch your hamstrings out in the morning or at night sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Lift your legs and position the foam roller so that it’s underneath your thighs up near your glutes. Cross your right leg over your left leg and roll the foam roller down your thigh and then back up in a slow and steady motion. Do that 10 times.


Glute Stretch

To really stretch out your glutes sit in a similar position to the hamstring stretch only with the foam roller directly beneath both glutes. Put your right foot and ankle over your left knee and slowly roll the foam roller under your right glute area about 10 times. Then change your position so that your left ankle and foot are over your right knee and roll the foam roller under your left glute. Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson at the Chiropractic Healing Center can help you relieve those tight spots and knots that you are experiencing.  Schedule your appointment today to learn more.