stretches for low back pain

If you have consistent back pain it could be from sitting at a desk all day. Modern workplaces are not usually designed to be kind to the body and can lead to all kinds of chronic pain, especially lower back pain. When you sit all day long your piriformis and iliopsoas muscles become very tight and can cause pain. An inflamed piriformis muscle can even cause sciatica pain by impinging on the sciatic nerve. You should get up as often as you can during the day and take a short walk but if you can’t get up and move often during the day these stretches will help loosen up your lower back so you won’t have back pain:

Sitting Stretch

This stretch can be performed in any kind of chair. Sit forward in your chair a little bit so that your feet are flat on the floor in front of you. Take off your shoes to do this stretch if you are wearing high heels. Lift your right leg and put your right ankle on your left knee. Extend your right arm and hand in front of you so your arm is over your right leg. Lean forward from the wait and hold the stretch for at least 5 seconds. Release your right ankle to the ground and put your arm by your side. Then perform the stretch again with your left ankle crossed over your right knee.


Forward Bend

Sit with your feet firmly on the floor in front of you. Take off your shoes if you are wearing high heels. Correct your sitting posture so that you are sitting directly on your seat bones with your shoulders directly over your hips. Put your arms out in front of you. Exhale and lean forward over your knees, putting your hands on the floor with one hand on the side of either foot. If you can’t lean all the way over so that your hands reach the floor lean forward as far as you can. Grab your ankles for support if necessary. Hold this stretch for 10 breaths, then come up. Repeat 2-4 times to give your back a nice stretch anytime during the day.


Please call Chiropractic Healing Center if your back continues to give you problems.  Sometimes the pain can be relieved at home, and sometimes it needs a little extra help from a professional!  For more exercises to relieve low back pain, we have an eBook that you can download for free!

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