Is Your Back Pain Interfering with Your Family Road Trip? Here Are Some Tips to Help Alleviate The Pain

Summertime and family road trips are in full swing. Don’t let a sore back keep you from enjoying a family trip. Your kids will look back on those trips as some of their fondest childhood memories someday, and you don’t want them remembering how you complained and were in a grumpy mood the entire trip because of a sore back. Here are some ways to keep back pain in check on a family road trip:

Back Pain on your road trip in las vegas

See A Chiropractor

Before you leave on your trip see a chiropractor for an adjustment. That way you can be sure that your spine is in alignment and that you won’t be at risk for any serious pain while you’re on the road. Get an adjustment a day or two before you go to be sure that you are starting out in the best possible condition.

Plan For Rest Stops

The fun in a family road trip is the journey, not just the destination!  When you’re planning your route look for interesting landmarks or roadside attractions that you can visit. Plan to make a stop every couple of hours to see something fun or just to get something to drink and get out of the car. Make sure that on rest stops you get out of the car, walk around, and stretch for as long as possible. It will be good for your whole family to stop and stretch frequently.

Get More Lumbar Support

Most car seats are not really designed for long term comfort. Buy a lumbar support bolster or pillow and use it while you are driving. A comfy set cover also can provide a little extra support while you are the road. You can also use a travel neck pillow to support your neck and keep your cervical spine in alignment.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Traveling with the family can be stressful even though it’s also fun. If you’re doing all the driving on the trip, make sure that you get a hotel room that has supportive mattresses and will give you a restful night’s sleep so that you will be happy and excited to enjoy your vacation instead of being in constant pain.   Make the first step before heading out on the road by contacting us at the Chiropractic Healing Center to set up an appointment with Dr. Cheree.