Chiropractics involve the healthy maintenance of the spinal cord, discs, and other related nerves and bone structures without the use of medication or surgery. It’s the act of adjusting unaligned joints of the body most especially the spine, to reduce stress on the spinal-nerves and promote the general health of the body.

pregnancy and chiropractic care

There are some chiropractors who take interest in pre-natal and post-natal care as well as take a more advanced step when working on infertility and pregnant women.

However, there are no observed contraindications caused by chiropractic care throughout a woman’s pregnancy cycle, and chiropractors are now mostly trained to work with pregnant women. Hence investing in the wellness and fertility of women who are pregnant or want to be pregnant is now a general activity for most chiropractors.

Trained chiropractors who know how to work with pregnant women tend to use tables that are adjustable for pregnant women, and may employ techniques that prevent unnecessary pressure on the woman’s abdomen. Below are reasons why it’s okay and important for you to see a chiropractor while pregnant…

  • A trained chiropractor who specializes on pregnant women,will give you good exercises as well as stretches that are safe for you and your unborn baby.
  • During pregnancy, there are some physiological as well endocrinological changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. These changes can lead to a misaligned spin, a swell in the abdomen, back curvature and increased pelvic changes. Due to all these changes, you will definitely need a chiropractor.
  • Making sure you have a proper pelvic balance along with alignment is another major reason why you need to get chiropractic care while you’re pregnancy.
  • When the pelvis is unaligned, it may decrease the amount of space available for the baby growing in your womb. This is called ‘intrauterine constraint’. The misaligned pelvis could also potentially make it quite hard for your unborn baby to be in the best position, when it comes to delivery.

In addition, if you are pregnant and wondering if you can see a chiropractor, then the answer is yes!  Give us a call to schedule an appointment!