las vegas therapeutic massage

A massage is not just a way to get some pleasure, but can also help you get rid of pain and comes with a range of other benefits. Massages are no longer a part of only health clubs and luxury spas. Today, you can get a massage at clinics, businesses, airports and hospitals. A good therapeutic massage is one of the most powerful of tools in alternative and complementary medicine. These days, massage is becoming an integral part of standard treatments for an array of medical conditions.

A good therapeutic massage is capable of curing not just pain, but also in decreasing stress as well as muscle tension. Studies have indicated that therapeutic massage can help those suffering from anxiety, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, headaches, stress-related insomnia, sports injuries, mysofacial pan syndrome and soft-tissue injuries among a range of other conditions.

Apart from these special conditions/diseases, a massage is also a way to promote feelings of comfort, care as well as connection.

With a therapeutic massage by a trained therapist, you can help to cure low-back pain and gain significant improvement in your range of motion. Expectant mothers can greatly decrease the length and discomfort in labor, and shorten their maternity stay by virtue of a therapeutic massage. Muscles that are weak, tight or have atrophied can be cured by a therapeutic massage as well.

If you have ever followed a sport, then you may have seen that athletes recover from injuries more easily and quicker than normal people. This is primarily because they have professional chiropractors to help them, and a big component of their rehabilitation therapy is massage. It can reduce swelling and adhesions post-surgical treatments, promote regeneration of tissue and even help to decrease stretch marks.

A therapeutic massage is one of the best methods to pump nutrients and tissues to the vital organs of our body, which thus helps to improve blood circulation. Tired, injured or overused muscles can be relaxed with a good massage.

Thus, at the end, it is quite safe to say that no matter what the problem may be, there is nothing that a good therapeutic massage cannot cure (or so it seems!)  To schedule a therapeutic massage at Chiropractic Healing Center, give us a call!