las vegas foam roller

Lower back pain is one of the most common and troublesome health problems that many people face at least once in their life. Your doctor may prescribe you a number of things to cure lower back pain, but that will not be as effective as required. This is where the need for a simple yet effective treatment comes in, and a foam roller fills that need.

A foam roller can help to break down scar tissues and adhesions present in the muscular soft tissue. The roller will provide you with a self-myofascial massage, smoothening the trigger points and improving circulation and blood flow to the soft tissues. There are four techniques that you can use with a foam roller to cure back pain, each of which is highlighted ahead.

Low Back

Rest the foam roller under your low back, pull up your left leg and hug the knee. Roll to your glutes from the base of your left side of the rib cage. Repeat 10-12 times in steady passes, and then repeat on the other side.


Position the foam roller under the upper hamstring muscles, cross right leg over the left and roll the foam roller downwards from the glutes to the right side, just above the left knee. Do this in steady passes 10-12 times, and repeat on the other side.


Position the foam roller to rest under both of your glutes. Bring the right leg and rest it on your left knee. Roll in the side of your right hip, and then perform 10 to 12 steady and slow passes. Repeat the same exercise 10-12 times on the other side.

IT Band

Start this by lying on your side, positioning the roller beneath the upper high. Use your arms and legs to roll towards the length of your IT band, keeping the foam roller on the outside, with your upper thigh right above the knee. Perform 10 t0 12 passes, and then repeat on other side.

With just these 4 techniques, you will be able to use the foam roller, which may lesson your lower back pain  in the most cost effective method!