There are different types of foot pains, but planter fasciitis pain is the most common.  The plantar fascia is the band of tissue or ligament connecting the heel bone to the toes.  It is the one that provides support for the arch of the foot. If it gets strained, it can be incredibly painful.  Additionally, it may get irritated and swollen.  Finally, the bottom of the foot or the heel will hurt any time you walk or stand up.

 las vegas planter fasciitis

Anyone can get plantar fasciitis. It is common in those that wear high-heel shoes, soldiers and athletes – although almost anyone can suffer from it.  Either foot, or both can be affected.

What are the possible causes of planter fasciitis pain?

Planter fasciitis pain can occur when any of the following occurs

  • Having tight calf muscle or Achilles tendons
  • Wearing tight shoes that do not fit well
  • Being overweight
  • Running, standing or walking for a very long period of time, especially when one walks on hard surface.
  • Having flat feet or high arches
  • When the feet roll inward excessively when one walks.
  • Particular types of exercise can also lead to this condition. This occurs especially if the exercise puts too much pressure on the heel.

Treatment for planter fasciitis pain

The best treatment method you can ever come by on planter fasciitis pain is chiropractic. Why is chiropractic the best? First off, the treatment method is not invasive in the least.  You may be able to avoid medication all together. Never hesitate to contact Dr. Cheree today; she is a professional chiropractor with the right expertise to help you out.