Your spine needs to be healthy to live life fully and pain free. Unhealthy spine almost always shows itself via backache. It can equally lead to other complications that may get progressively worse. In order to avoid such unwanted complications, be sure to see Dr. Cheree at the first sign of back pain. Greater percentage of spine problems arises from improper movements.  Carefully consider the health of your spine in everything you do. Below, you will learn about how to manage your day-to-day activities towards ensuring consistent healthy state of your spine.

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  • Standing: When standing, keep one foot in front of the other foot. Slightly bend your knees forward. This combination of movement will help reduce pressure on your spine and keep it healthy.
  • Sitting: When sitting, make sure your knees are slightly higher than the level of your hips. This is a perfect way to provide low back support.
  • Reaching: When reaching out for something placed higher than you, it is better to stand on a stool instead of stretching the hands excessively.
  • Moving heavy items: Pulling on your back is not healthy. It is better to push than to pull on the back. Use your legs and arms to start the push. Try to get someone to help you when you want to move a heavy object.
  • Lifting: When attempting to lift objects, first kneel down on a knee and place the other foot flat on the ground. Make sure this position is described as close to the object to be lifted as possible. Do not lift with your back; instead, lift with your legs. Make sure the object being lifted is close as much as possible to your body.
  • Sleeping: When you sleep on your back, you put your whole body weight on the spine. You can reduce the pressure on the spine by half by placing pillows under your knees. You can also reduce the weight by lying on your side and placing a pillow between your two knees.

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