With so little knowledge of the profession, many people wonder whether chiropractic care is safe. The short answer is that yes, it is completely safe and actually delivers excellent benefits. That being said, there are potential risks associated with the treatment, but these can be avoided by simply working with a trained chiropractor.

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Potential Risks Of Chiropractics

If you seek chiropractic care from an untrained professional or someone without sufficient experience in the field, then risks do come into play. Those who don’t understand how the spine works can do serious damage, including causing a herniated disk. It is also possible to compress the lower spinal column nerves and neck manipulation done incorrectly can cause a vertebral artery dissection, a type of stroke. Of course, there is almost no chance of any of these issues occurring if you visit a trained and certified chiropractor.

People Who Should Avoid Chiropractic Care

While chiropractic care is safe for the vast majority of the population, there are a few people who should not have this treatment. Those with cancer of the spine should avoid it as should most people with an increased risk of stroke. If you have a spine instability causing excessive motion or severe osteoporosis, you will also have to consult your doctor before having any chiropractic work done. You should also be cautious if you have loss of strength, tingling, or numbness in any legs or arms.

Possible Immediate Effects

The vast majority of chiropractic patients will notice immediate relief from their symptoms following treatment. Some people, however, will notice mild aching, stiffness, or soreness after in a way that is similar to the feeling after exercise. This minor discomfort and other sensations should fade within 24 hours or even less.

Safe For Children

In fact, chiropractic care is so safe that is it actually fine to practice on children given the chiropractor has the proper training. Because chiropractic care is constantly adapted to the patient’s unique needs, your chiropractor can adjust their actions to use more gentle pressure on younger patients.

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