If you are an athlete, you want to have as many options as possible when it comes to treating your injuries. By taking care of yourself, you can get back in the game quickly and without an issue. Even those who aren’t professional athletes can develop a sports injury and chiropractic care is a great way to get back to your favorite sport.


las vegas sports injuryImprove Overall Body Function

As with any other patient, a chiropractor treating a sports injury will be able to ensure your bones are properly lined up and balanced with a well-adjusted spine so your body relaxes. By relieving tension, the body functions better, reducing your risk of injury.

Treating Sports Injuries

In most cases, a sports injury is due to failure to warm up effectively, over-training, repetitive motions, or forceful impacts. In any of these cases, chiropractic care will relieve pain and help the body get back into alignment, allowing you to heal faster following an injury. With regular visits to our chiropractor, you will heal more quickly.

What To Expect

Your chiropractor will begin by asking about your overall health and examining your balance, spine, and back. She will likely also examine your joints, ligaments, back, extremities, and tendons. She can then develop the ideal chiropractic treatment method. Spinal mobilization is the gentler of the two chiropractor treatments for sports injuries and relies on tools and stretches to release the joint pressure. Spinal manipulation is more typically pictured when people think of chiropractors. During this process, your chiropractor puts you in various positions and does a manual impulse to your targeted joint. It releases pressure within the joint and lets the muscles and joints align so they work properly. Your chiropractor may also use ice, electric stimulation, or heat to help treat your sports injuries.

You can even visit a chiropractor on a regular basis as a way to reduce your risk of an injury while playing your favorite sport!  Give us a call to schedule an appointment!