If you have ever suffered from a really bad headache, then you know how it can be one of the toughest things to go through. Headaches are amongst the most common reason behind doctor visits, and over 250 million working days are lost every year just because of headaches- all of which comes at a combined cost of $25 billion each year. While there are many headache medications out there- there is a med-free solution for your headaches!

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In most situations, headaches do not signal any serious health problem. Yet, some headaches can be so serious that one may not be able to carry on their daily tasks. When you go to a doctor for a headache, you may be prescribed expensive scans, tests and medications- but that may not be what you actually need. In fact, your chiropractor may just have what it takes to cure your headache.

A chiropractor can help to avoid any type of unnecessary pain & tension that could be present in your neck and/or head. This is accomplished by chiropractic adjustments, which are specific manipulations of the spine. A study of 87 people suffering from a headache were treated using specific chiropractic adjustments over a time of 2 years. Significant improvements were witnessed in all the patients with 85% of the female participants and 50% of the males showing similar improvements. Patients of classical migraine witnessed a 75% improvement rate in males and a 78% improvement in females.

The biggest advantage of going to a chiropractor is that in most cases, you will witness results quickly. While the exact results may be hard to predict, you can be sure that with a chiropractic adjustment, you will get a cure that works more effectively and better than OTC medicines and that will last longer!  Give us a call if you suffer from chronic headaches!  702-215-2090