Ryan – Massage Therapist

“I’m a Minnesota native that has recently relocated to Las Vegas. I like to stay active, be outdoors, and ride motorcycles. My goal as your therapist is to tailor a plan that suits your needs , whether it’s simply to relax and unwind or to address chronic pain with a more therapeutic approach.” And a side note from the team: His great positive attitude and healing hands have been a welcome addition to our healing family!

Tobi Lange – Massage Therapist

Tobi Lange - Massage TherapistTobi Lange is a native to Las Vegas. She received her massage schooling first from the Dahan Institute of Massage Studies in 1994. She spent the next 25 plus years traveling the world to further her education in the Healing Arts.
In 2000 she received an invitation to work and study at a wellness center in Point Pleasant New Jersey where she stayed for over 3 years while studying the ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine; Five Element Theory…a passion that still drives her therapy today. In 2005 she lived in Kauai, Hawaii and studied Physical Therapy, Lomi Lomi Massage and an intensive course with the John Barnes Myofascial Release techniques. It was in Hawaii where she found the deep relationship that the body has with the emotions and was consumed with learning how to help people unravel the holding patterns in their body that cause pain and restriction both emotionally and physically.Having upwards of six month stays in places like India, Australia, South America and Europe, Tobi immersed herself in the study of each of these indigenous cultures and their healing methods and beliefs around therapy. She sought balance and understanding in her own life and body with the awareness to ‘know thyself first’. Tobi has a deeply rooted desire to teach and was blessed to fulfill that desire when she taught massage and basic anatomy and physiology at two local schools in Las Vegas, NV for three years. She is currently working on her own curriculum to teach Continuing Education. Her therapy sessions are specific to the needs of the person on the table where she brings together all the modalities she has learned to create a healing and relaxing experience. A big part of her techniques include: Lomi Lomi for relaxation, Myofascial Release and Table Thai Yoga for stretching, Active Release/Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage for deep tissue work and the energy based work of Barbara Brennan Pranic Healing, Ho’OponoPono, Reiki, and Jo Rei for the intuitive guidance that is the driving force behind each session.

Tisha Gray – Yoga Instructor

Tisha Gray - Yoga InstructorTisha Gray has been a teacher of yoga and meditation for over a decade and a student twice as long. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology, she is currently working as a student therapist completing her Master’s degree in Psychotherapy (MFT). Tisha has instilled a framework in her teaching that looks at the brain, mind, and body as a system. She takes on a disciplined approach to the practice that weaves together the power of asana training, somatic movement, anatomy, and Buddhist wisdom. Tisha offers workshops, teacher trainings, group session, and private therapeutic session. She hopes that through yoga, meditation, and other contemplative practices, each student can deepen their experience of embodiment and develop greater strength, ease, and depth of well-being.

Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
Private therapeutic yoga sessions assist individuals in becoming more aware of their health in a safe and guided environment. These sessions are suitable for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their experience of yoga. After an in-depth intake assessment participants receive personalized yoga and lifestyle guidance that integrates brain, mind, and body. Private sessions address the specific needs of the individual with a customized protocol of yoga asana (postures), somatic movement, breathing, relaxation, and meditation.
An initial session includes an assessment which looks at information regarding health history, physical activity, posture, range of motion, overall torso and extremity strength, mobility and flexibility, quality of breathing, strength of core, abdominal, and shoulder girdle stabilizers, and injury history. The first session will include techniques and movement practices that work directly with each individuals’ concerns. We will then decide together what the next step is in your practice.

  • Initial intake session: $100 (90 min)
  • Private Therapeutic session: $75 (60 min)