asthma las vegas

For asthma suffers, every breath of air is pressure. This chronic respiratory ailment results in an inflammation of the air passages that makes it difficult to breathe. It affects 26 million Americans and results in about 2 million emergency room visits each year. When treated by traditional medicine, patients will use prescription rescue inhalers and may take oral steroids also.

Chiropractic medicine offers a natural alternative to asthma medication by using spinal manipulations to heal the connection between the spinal, nervous and respiratory systems.

Alignment issues in your spine known as subluxations can create spasms in surrounding muscles that hamper the function of the nerves. Asthma and other respiratory issues can be a result of these subluxations as well as suppression of the immune system when lymphatic fluid cannot drain properly.

Patients who have suffered from asthma for years have experienced relief from their symptoms in as little as 15 chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments not only improve function, but also the spine and chest cavity biomechanics.