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Ear infection is one of the most common childhood ailments and three out of four children have suffered from one by the time they are three years old. Because these infections can be very painful, parents want to find a way to provide relief to them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the response from traditional medicine is to provide an antibiotic—even if the cause of the infection has not been determined to be bacterial. Overuse of antibiotics like amoxicillin has actually contributed to the evolution of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

When your child has reoccurring ear infections, the next step your doctor may recommend is to surgery implant tubes into your child’s ear canals, but chiropractic care could make that step completely unnecessary.

Upper-cervical manipulation that focuses on the back of the skull and first vertebra can enable the middle ear to drain without the use of tubes or medications. By enabling their bodies to heal on their own, many kids actually have fewer ear infections following chiropractic treatment. In usually 6 to 8 daily adjustments, your child will be pain and infection free—naturally.