las vegas posture while working at a desk

A good amount of  studies have shown that the act of  sitting all day at  your office desk is not a good idea for your general health, though  sitting for long hours has not been proven to cause back pains. Certain studies tend to show that sitting could put pressure on the discs, which supports the spine and may lead to an injury.

A major  negative effects of sitting  at a desk too long , is the pressure put on the spine when bending forward, which can make your back muscles  stop functioning efficiently, hence putting you at risk of back injury.

Sitting generally for most people gives them back pain, and if you’re already a victim of back pain, sitting will certainly make it worse. However, here are simple ways you can relieve yourself of back pain caused by sitting at a desk too long…

  • Sit on a good chair (or even an exercise ball!) that will not disrupt the natural position of the back, joints and muscles or cause any form of strain on the spinal cord. If your chair is not comfortable enough, it’s best to get a back support pillow.
  • Ensure the lower back is curved inwards instead of backwards, because it helps reduce the strain on the back. When seated, try sitting forward towards the edge of the chair, in order relax your spine in a forward curve naturally.
  • Ensure your feet are flat on the floor and your back is straight up. Your shoulders should be in a relaxed state and not hunched.
  • After every 60 minutes, stretch your back from side to side, because sitting for too long will exert more pressure on the discs, which may weaken the muscles that support your back.
  • During your frequent breaks, walking around for a while and doing some back bends while standing is effective enough to relieve you on the negative effects of sitting at the desk for a long period of time.

Moreover, the height of your desk should make it easy for your arms to rest comfortably, hence if your chair is adjustable; make sure it’s adjusted to fit properly.  For more tips about how to take care of your back while at work, come on in and see us!