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Composed of possibly the most important 24 bones in your body, your spine gives your body support as well as protects your spinal cord from injury. These bones, known as vertebrae, are divided into three categories depending on their location: cervical (7 vertebrae), thoracic (12 vertebrae) and lumbar (5 vertebrae). In between the vertebrae are special fluid-filled disks that cushion the bones and absorb shock as well as help with flexibility. One of the foundations of chiropractic care is keeping all of these bones in alignment so that the rest of your body can function as it should.



Without a spine, you would not be able to hold yourself upright which would make sitting and standing impossible. By practicing good posture, you can protect your vertebrae from subluxation and prevent illness and injuries in other parts of your body.


Based on feedback from your environment, you brain maintains your balance by constantly causing small movements in your muscles. When your spine is out of alignment, these signals can be interrupted if nerves are compressed or you may experience pain in your back and neck muscles as your body tries to adjust.



The area around your spine is home to two major muscle groups: the flexors and extensors. Extensors make it possible for us to stand up as well as lift objects. Flexors enable us to flex, bend over and arch the back. Because these core muscles stabilize the entire body, a misaligned spine can cause them to weaken and have a direct effect on your movements.



When your back is strong, the rest of your body is capable of performing more and you are less likely to experience injuries.


A Vertebral Subluxation, or simply called subluxation, happens when the vertebrae of your spine move out of position, both putting pressure on and irritating spinal nerves. The irritation that comes from subluxation is detrimental, as it causes the nerves coming out from between the bones on your spine to malfunction and interfere with the signals travelling through them.

This can affect you greatly, because your nervous system coordinates and controls all functions of your body. When subluxation interferes with the signals travelling through your spinal nerves, the correct messages are not sent, and your body cannot function at it’s best. It is important to fix these signals in order for your body to work properly.

Chiropractic doctors locate subluxations in order to reduce and correct them. Through a series of adjustments designed to fix these problems, vertebral subluxations in the spine are addressed. Chiropractic professionals are specifically trained to address this problem in the back, and are trained to handle these situations appropriately.