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A great tool to discover neuromusculoskeletal problems before they become painful is with a spinal and postural screening. Conducted at health fairs, workplaces and schools, this quick screening can catch alignment issues that you may not realize that you even had.

Static Postural Analysis–One of the first steps in assessing pain or mobility issues in a patient. During this screening we evaluate anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt, elevation posture and rotation posture.

Dynamic Postural Analysis–The next step in a postural screening is to perform a dynamic postural analysis so that we can see if anything is off while you are in motion. Many times your body will alter they way it moves to compensate for deviations in your spinal column. These alterations begin to cause pain in other places of your body as your muscles, tendons and ligaments are pulled into unnatural positions while moving. During this screening you will:

  • Raise your hands over your head
  • Sit on the edge of a chair and stand up and then sit down again
  • Stand on one leg if possible
  • Attempt any form of push up that you are capable of

During this screening we will be looking to see if your shoulders are even, if your legs are the same length and how you hold your head up among other things.

Spinal and postural screenings are not unlike other health screenings such as blood pressure checks and vision exams. They are a no-pressure way to make sure that spinal misalignment is not having a negative impact on your overall health. Many problems caught at these screenings can be corrected after just a few appointments to our clinic. The best part is, we come to you. Contact our office to schedule a spinal and postural screening for your workplace.