Physiotherapy las vegas

Physiological therapeutic procedures or physiotherapy, are additional modalities we employ during your treatment to facilitate your comfort and healing. Designed not to replace a spinal manipulation but rather enhance it, these therapies help patients feel better quicker than they would without them.

Ultrasound: Therapeutic ultrasound uses low-frequency sound waves to penetrate the skin’s surface and create deep heating within the muscles. It is also able to encourage tissue relaxation, break up stubborn scar tissue and increase blood flow to reduce inflammation. Each treatment lasts between 3 and 5 minutes.

Interferential electrical muscle stimulation: An effective way to provide temporary pain relief to patients with muscle aches, and interferential electrical muscle stimulation unit safely sends pulses of electricity during a 20 minute treatment. The current is able to deeply penetrate into the muscle and improve blood flow, stimulate nerve cells and overcome muscle inhibition.

Mechanical traction: Mechanical traction is a great way to provide pain relief to patients with spinal disk problems without the use of surgical intervention. The patient’s spine is literally pulled by mechanical means to create for space between the vertebrae and relieve the pressure.

Cryotherapy: An easy and inexpensive way to reduce swelling, cryotherapy employs the use of ice packs, cold towels, cold compresses and ice massage to temporarily reduce the nerve transmissions responsible for causing pain and swelling.

Trigger Point Therapy: Throughout your body, there are sensitive spots in your connective tissue that can form knots when injured or under stress. By massaging in these areas specifically, pain relief can be achieved through the release of the trigger point.

Manual Muscle Therapy: Rather than using machines, manual muscle therapy is a hands-on approach to healing—literally. By using hands to put pressure on the muscles and manipulate the joints to decrease the pain caused by muscle spasms, tension and joint problems.

Massages: Massage therapy manipulates soft tissues like tendons, muscles and ligaments. It can relieve tension, do gentle manipulations and reduce pain. Popular types include Swedish, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue.