We have the absolute best photographer, and we have a great team that loves to smile big. That combination is perfect for a chiropractic office that loves to show off our team! Do you think that is as important as we do? Important that you see who we are and what kind of energy we bring to our practice everyday? We certainly do, and feel it is important you know us even before you walk through our doors for the first time. Led by our Chiropractor, Dr. Cheree Sandness our atmosphere is positive, happy, fun and caring. It is hard to present that to anyone searching online for a chiropractor, especially if it is their first time. Let us explain more after we show off our big smiles:

The Team from the Chiropractic Healing Center Las Vegas Chiropractor Dr Cheree Sandness

What our healing teams brings to you:

First, healing, obviously the most important. Dr. Cheree has successfully worked with thousands of patients, her track record is bar none in Las Vegas, the best. That sounds a little self righteous and pretty hard to prove, but honestly time and again we hear that same thing from our patients. They exclaim, “wow, I have tried other chiropractors and you do this right.” Music to our ears and helps us to solidify and make that bold claim!

Second, customer service, we have multiple people in the front(check in, insurance, etc) and multiple people in the back(the treatment side), that means more customer service for you. Insurance checks, checking in, checking out, seeing the doctor, additional therapies, and many other items we all dislike when they take too much time are all streamlined for your improved customer service. You are not just seeing one person, the doctor, you are seeing her team. Dr. Cheree works with a chiropractic assistant and typically you will see both. Did we mention the complimentary “warm up” massage you get through Dr. Cheree’s protocol? Well as I am speaking to you as a fellow chiro layman, that’s what we call it and it is bliss! So hear us out on that, you don’t just walk in and see a chiro get your adjustment and leave, you come in, get a “warm up” massage(which is bliss) then see the Doctor and are introduced other necessary soothing treatments your condition calls for. That leads us to the Experience….

Third, the experience. The ambiance, the open treatment room, the enhanced treatment through our chiropractic assistant, the great conversation, a doctor with an elephants memory focused on knowing you, your history and what pains you, the healing atmosphere beyond chiropractic with acupuncture and Yogatsu experts, the list goes on and on and it is all for you and your positive experience towards well being at The Chiropractic Healing Center.

You see we are a family and Dr. Cheree runs her practice like her extended family and invites you in every time you walk through the door. We just hope the team pictures can paint that feel!