Chiropractic Techniques We Use

Diversified Technique:

The most classic chiropractic technique taught in chiropractic colleges, and which we use predominantly in this clinic, is the diversified technique. This technique focuses on normal biomedical function and restoration, as well as identification and correction of subluxations. This technique has been developed to also adjust extremity joints, which can help to treat sports related and other injuries.

The diversified technique uses no instruments, and is carried out by lines of drives for manual thrusts. This helps to specifically correct mechanical distortions of the spine. The popping sound that comes from adjustment is controlled by motion palpation and a hands-on technique, which gives a deeper thrust.


Motion Analysis (Palpation):

Another technique that we use in this clinic is the Motion Palpation technique. It is a diagnostic technique that is used to find areas of joint dysfunction in both the spinal column and extremities. Doctors are able to better apply treatments with this technique, as it serves as an analysis.

Motion Analysis concludes that vertebrae in the spinal column cannot be in subluxation unless an anomaly exists in the soft tissues. This analysis allows for the spine to be easily examined in order to find subluxations as well as the direction and force that the adjustment should be made.


The Adjusting Instrument

The Adjusting Instrument is the Activator Methods Adjusting Instrument, and is a spring-loaded tool that is handheld. This tool delivers a high-speed thrust with a consistent, low-force.


Other Therapies Used

Muscle Stimulation

Muscle Stimulation Therapy is another type of chiropractic therapy that uses electrical pulses. These pulses are transmitted to specific areas of the body through electrodes. The electrodes are placed on different places of the skin in order to decrease pain and inflammation as well an increase circulation and strengthen impaired muscles.


Ultrasound therapy is created by sound waves that create a deep heat, which hits soft tissues and joints. This therapy acts as a massage, and decreases pain, swelling, stiffness, and spasms, as well as increasing blood flow.

Ice and Heat Therapy

Ice and heat therapies treat painful conditions such as swelling from injuries by relaxing muscles and increasing circulation. This therapy can be useful for chronic pain and can be used one at a time or together in combination.

Active Myofacial Release Therapy

Myofacial Release Therapy is a treatment that assesses the area of complaint, then manipulates it through chiropractic maneuvers and pressure on affected areas. This can be a useful type of therapy for athletes, professionals, and many others.

Mechanical Roller Table

Spinal manipulations therapy separates the spinal vertebrae with rollers that help to fix stubborn muscle spasms. This is done through a deep shiatsu massage, and can be adjusted for different levels of vibration.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is a kind of therapy that helps after pain is relieved through other treatments. The chiropractor helps to build targeted exercises that form routines to rehabilitate after musculoskeletal injuries. These exercises both strengthen muscles and ligaments and retrain joint structure that has been affected – which helps to provide strength for better support and lessen the chances of an injury relapse.