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It was another great year of growth, prosperity and healing for our team and patients. So happy to say that while continuing to be open six days a week for convenience and availability, we brought in over ten new patients a week while giving over ten thousand adjustments. The amazing part, Dr. Cheree remembered everyone’s name, children’s names, favorite color and whatever ailment they first had (which of course we healed!) when they first walked through the door. Ok so maybe not favorite color but you can still test her on it next time you see her!

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It is such an exciting time for the healing center as our family continues to grow both at home and in the practice! Acupuncture Doctors Mike and Rachel welcomed a new associate this year, Joel. Joel helped their busy schedule at the center just at the right time in two ways. The first being an expansion of a second location for their acupuncture practice in Las Vegas’ Southwest. The second, as they expanded their family at home! Their son, Owen Lee was born in May and as their first born, he certainly made his ripples!

Dr.'s Mike and Rachel welcomed Owen Lee in 2017

Ryan and Jacky joined the practice this year as massage therapists, and everyone agrees you can never have enough of their amazing hands giving relaxation and relief! Ryan came all the way from Minnesota and is relieved he is enjoying his first winter in Las Vegas while the great north is freezing and full is snow!

We also welcomed Jasmin to our team! Jasmin added to our front desk and her amazing smile greets each new patient. She is a Las Vegas native and loves her new role with the practice!

Dina has been with chiropractic healing center of Las vegas for five years

Dina is always enjoying her role in your healing process at the practice though she could not believe it has been 5 years! She is also excited that she now has every other Monday off as she has been able to skip wearing her Vikings Jersey on those days off! Poor Dena, her Oakland Raiders are not so good this year and Dr. Cheree’s Vikings had a great year! If you follow our Facebook page, you know they have a friendly wager if their team wins and the other loses, they are expected to wear the others’ jersey on Monday! Crazy football fans, so much fun!

Marlen happily celebrated her 9th year with the healing center. We are so excited for her continued contributions to the practice as Doc can not believe so much time has passed to be coming into her tenth year! She has been such a great addition to the team over the years and her ability to split her time with her busy home family and her chiro family has really benefited everyone!

As you can imagine, the therapy room continues to be a fun place, if you haven’t been for a while just pop in to say hi! You never know the conversation going or what fun talk is happening. We swear it should be a reality TV show or an all day talk show like The View or Ellen! We can just call it “Doc Cheree!” It will be a hybrid show: Ellen meets Dr. Oz!!

We are still continuing to grow our patient base so we graciously ask please remember to refer your friends and family who are in pain or have other healing issues they may need help with. With our acupuncture family we are able to help beyond the back and see a wide range of patients seeking alternative medicine or holistic care.

We are continually building great relationships with physical therapists, doctors, attorneys, Pilates and Yoga studios and instructors as partners in holistically healing patients in need. These relationships are forged with your help in spreading the word of what we can do! We so appreciate you all!

So we say, Cheers 2018!! Cheers to a healthy and happy New year to you and your family from ours!

Las Vegas Chiropractor, Drm Cheree has been practicing in Las Vegas since 2002