Every once in a while we love to catch up with our patients and tell their story. How did they find out about us, why did they need our chiropractic or healing abilities and how their journey to healing has been. We love how many patients we speak with that are life long patients that continue to come to our Chiropractic Healing Center in order to maintain their healthy and active lifestyle. Maintaining their overall body not just their back in order to play the sport they love, to hit the gym each day or to simply know they are at their best for whatever the day has in store for them.

Meet chiropractic Healing Center Patient Phyllis of Las VegasPhyllis is one of those patients, while she has originally heard about us through her husband who heard about us through a friend at work. She now visits regularly so she can stay active on the tennis courts, pilates or at the gym. Modestly, she tells us she doesn’t have an amazing story but praises Dr. Cheree for everything she has done for her and her family. Her issue originally was in her right hip, she was experiencing a weird hip out of place feeling, but now she just appreciates Dr. Cheree for keeping her “in the game” as she stated!