las vegas sciatica

Sciatica occurs when there is compression or irritation in some way of your sciatic nerve, which is the large nerve that runs from your lower back and down each leg. Those who have sciatica can typically receive a diagnosis based on their symptoms, which include difficulty standing due to a shooting pain, a constant pain on a particular side of the rear, tingling or burning running down the leg, pain in the rear or leg that worsens when sitting, and difficulty moving, numbness, or tingling in the foot or leg. In addition to your regular doctor, chiropractors can help treat your sciatica and in fact, many general physicians will suggest their patients with sciatica visit a chiropractor.

Diagnosing Sciatica

Before beginning treatment, your chiropractor will diagnose your sciatica to confirm that this is in fact the issue. During diagnosis your chiropractor will likely look at your medical history and do an examination. They will then create a treatment plan based on non-invasive methods.

Spinal Manipulation

As with any other problem treated by chiropractors, their main method of treatment for sciatica is spinal manipulations or adjustments. These adjustments will help free up movement that is restricted due to the sciatica and help any misaligned vertebrae return to their proper position. Chiropractors may use swift movements with a high velocity thrust or gentle pressure and minimal force. Only chiropractors can effectively do this type of treatment as requires a great deal of training to avoid damage to the spine.

Ice And Cold Therapy

Your chiropractor will also use ice and cold therapy and suggest you use this at home as well. The cold will reduce inflammation associated with sciatica and help control the related pain.


You may think of ultrasound as a diagnostic technique, but it can also help with treating sciatica. Your chiropractor will use the gentle heated that the sound waves create and allow it to penetrate deep into your tissues. Ultrasound treatment can increase circulation while reducing muscle spasms, swelling, pain, stiffness, and cramping.


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