las vegas chiropractor
Chiropractic medicine is built on the foundation that a properly functioning nervous system is the key to total body wellness. Comprised of the brain, nerves and spinal cord, the nervous system gives and receives feedback between the brain and every part of the body.


As the nerve roots leave the spinal column, their function can be restricted if there is a misalignment in the spine. This misalignment, known as subluxation, can be caused by trauma or over time through normal activities.


Chiropractors perform spinal manipulation by applying force with their hands that directs the vertebrae back into their proper locations. When the nerves are no longer restricted, blood flow is improved and healing can begin.


Spinal manipulations, also known as adjustments, are carefully planned out and performed over several visits until the desired result is achieved. They help the body to get back into balance so that it can begin the healing process on its own.


In addition to adjustments in the clinic, chiropractic care also involves step that you take when you are at home. Nutrition counseling, lifestyle advice and corrective exercises can accelerate your road to total body wellness.


When your body’s spinal biomechanics are restored, you will notice that your initialsymptoms will improve dramatically and your overall health will improve.