This life hack is made fun of in some circles, yet is so vital to certain professions that they include them in orientations. Anyone that works at a desk for the majority of their day should have some of these moves down, with call center workers being at the top of the list.


Neck Stretch

In today’s world, if you are sitting at a desk for extended periods of time then chances are you’re staring at a computer screen. How healthy do you think having your neck in a fixed position for hours on end is? Stretching your neck is the first line of defense, and a slow circular motion in both directions to break up the monotony of the day will do wonders. Make sure to do it slow in both directions, unless you want to sit with a sore neck for the rest of the week.



Running in place may seem silly for some but works great if your legs are prone to falling asleep. Well that and for workers that prefer their shoes to look great in spite of the foot cramps they cause. Try lifting your feet up and down in a light fashion while pumping the arms. This can be accomplished while still seated, and only takes a couple of seconds to have an effect. About as close as you can get to a full body stretch without standing, running in place has become a preferred method.


Leg Stretch

Workers that are in the zone and typing like crazy can opt to go a different way when trying to get blood circulating to the legs. Heel raises won’t interrupt your work, and if done enough through the day can be an effortless way to stretch your calves at your desk. Heel raises should be done in several repetitions to both legs, and may lead to some really powerful calf muscles at the end of the work week.


Memorize it, and learn to do it often. Deskercise is just as important to your long term health as eating properly. By doing these stretches consistently, you’ll become a more efficient and healthier worker.  Chiropractic Care can help.  Let Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson at Chiropractic Healing Center relieve your body pain.