Some people are of the opinion that chiropractic care has a contrary impact on pregnancy. This is far from the truth. Chiropractic care does not negatively impact pregnancy; it actually help!

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In fact, it is in your best interest to engage chiropractic care all through the course of your pregnancy till term. All you need to ensure is the reliability of the chiropractor and you will be alright.

Before you decide on  a chiropractor to help for your pregnancy, find out if the professional is proficient in pregnancy chropractics. You can then allow him/her to care for you and your pregnancy. This is where you need the expertise of Dr. Cheree. You contact  her at

One of the tasks a chiropractor performs involves adjusting the pregnancy. They use certain techniques that help to prevent unwanted pressure on your jpints by the pregnancy.

Certain exercises can also be used to relieve pain during pregnancy. The chiropractor will tell you about those specific exercises and will also teach you how to perform them. Not all stretches or exercises are safe during pregnancy. This is exactly one of the reasons you need the expertise of a chiropractor to direct you on which stretching or exercises are safe for you and your pregnancy.

Many of the endocrinological and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy can negatively impact your joints and malign your spine. The chiropractor will help to realign the spines and joints without using any drugs. This is something medical science rarely preaches.

Your back curves more than normal thanks to your protruding belly during pregnancy. This will invariably lead to back ache. The problem can be resolved via chiropractic. Drugs only provide temporary relief, but chiropractic provides long lasting relief from the pain.

Contact Chiropractic Healing Center if you are pregnant to relieve pain, or to prevent pain due to pregnancy!