Chiropractic can help treat many sports-related injuries.  If you are involved in any sport during which you sustain one form of injury or the other you can always get help from Dr. Cheree, who will treat the injury without the use of drug or any invasive procedures. This is exactly one of the many factors that place chiropractic far ahead of traditional medicine.  Many hockey, football and wrestling players have benefited a great deal from chiropractic. You too can pay a chiropractor a visit today to get your injury treated without surgery or drugs.

las vegas ankle injury

What are the sport-related injuries and ailments chiropractic can treat? They are highlighted below:


Many sports lead to head and neck injury and chiropractic can help put such head injuries in order. Chiropractic involves manipulation of the spinal cord and such spinal manipulation will undoubtedly lead to instant relief of your headache. This is in agreement with a report released in 2001 by Duke University. The report stated further that up to 90% of headaches are connected to the facet joint pain and chiropractic treatments on the neck and back will lead to relief of such headaches.

Shoulder pain

You can equally consult a chiropractor to help treat your shoulder pain due to shoulder injury, which is one of the most common occurrences during sporting activities.  The chiropractor may only need to manipulate the joints and spinal column to get the desired result.

Ankle injury

With the help of a chiropractor, your ankle injuries can be treated non-invasively. By the time the chiropractor is through with you, you would have improved in motion and the pain would have lessened a great deal. Chiropractic works faster on such injuries than traditional medicine.

Get help today

You can visit Dr. Cheree to treat such an injury.  Call today to schedule a consultation appointment!