Sitting on your work desk for most of your day can be tiring. Not only tiring though, since it can create a lot of muscle tension and lead to chronic pain in your head, muscles, and spine in the long run. So what do you do to ease away the pain? Stretching? Excellent. Stretching is a great way to give your body the needed exercise to relax and bring back the flexibility it deserves.


However, it’s important to ask yourself this question: Are you stretching the right way?


Stretching is easy, of course. One can lie on the ground and stretch the feet, the knees, and repeat with booth legs. One can stretch the hands and relax the shoulder muscles. So to say, there are several forms of exercises that can help you stretch. However, one of the best ways to stretch better is by using a foam roller!


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How Can a Foam Roller Help Me Stretch Better?

Let’s start by saying that foam rollers are a great to help you build your physique, recover from an injury, and also to strengthen your immune system to prevent further injuries. And if you are wondering, how can a piece of foam help me do all that, here’s your answer:

Rollers are famous for self-myofascial release. They are also fast becoming popular among the top athletes owing to the drastic effects it can have on the body and overall performance. Self-myofascial release is the slow and dragging force against the soft-tissues of the body which improves mobility in the soft-tissue layers. Even though a therapist can help you do that, a Foam Roller is a much cheaper and convenient alternative. You can start your therapy session any time you want in the comfort of your home.


Stretch Your Calves

To get the best out of a foam roller, start your stretching sessions with your calves. A person’s calves receive the most tension in a day, and starting with it can help your release a lot of pain and tension from the body.

Your quadriceps are also negatively affected from day to day activities, and stretching them can help you release a lot of stress from your lower back as well.


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