Dr. Cheree Sandness-Johnson


Las Vegas chiropractor


Whether you are a weekend warrior, professional athlete or just a busy mom; Dr. Cheree is passionate about helping you to feel better. As the owner of Chiropractic Healing Center, she has assembled a team of professionals who work together to help you achieve total body wellness.

A Minnesota native, Dr. Cheree has treated members of pro football’s Minnesota Vikings as well as Las Vegas-based boxers, body builders, fitness models, triathletes, marathon runners and high school athletes. Educated at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern Health Sciences University, her training has also prepared her to successfully treat common auto accident injuries such as whiplash, headaches, backaches and leg pain.

Licensed to practice since 1999, Dr. Cheree has provided natural healing and pain relief to patients with a range of conditions.

  “Let me just say this: Dr. Cheree fixed my TMJ flare up in ONE visit. One.  My TMJ is why I came to Dr. Cheree in the first place on the recommendation of a colleague.  I could barely open my mouth, and she agreed to squeeze me in on a Saturday, did a couple of adjustments, and then had a massage therapist knead…my jaw.  And it was fixed.”—Alexis K., YELP reviewer

     “I’ve been visiting this establishment for years. I have never felt so good as when I leave here! Cheree Sandness has a great practice.”—Joe T., YELP reviewer

     “In my judgment, she and her staff really understand what good health is about.  Dr. Cheree has a compassionate and friendly manner.  She took her time to get to know me. I recommend her Healing Center for those looking for good chiropractic care. “—Les S., YELP reviewer