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It’s not surprising when babies cry, but when they cry for hours without any obvious cause they may be suffering from colic. Although the exact cause of colic is known, it’s been theorized that it can be a result of gas, spasms in a developing digestive tract, hormones, oversensitivity, overstimulation, and immature nervous system.

Colic can begin as early as two weeks and usually resolves by the time the infant is three to four months old. Even knowing this, parents can have a hard time listening to what seems like endless crying from an inconsolable baby.

If your baby’s physician has ruled out other causes such as infection, acid reflux, cardiac problems or skeletal injury, chiropractic care might be able to help.

During a 1999 clinical trial, it was proven that spinal manipulation was an effective treatment to relieve colic and the babies who received it had a 67% decrease in crying from colic compared to a 38% decrease in babies who were treated with medication.

If a vertebral subluxation has caused the nerves that are connected to your baby’s gastrointestinal organs to become compressed, painful gastric disturbances can occur that will result in colic. Gentle adjustments can bring relief in just a few appointments without having to give your young baby chemical-based medications.

For parents who are seeking a natural path to treat common infant ailments, chiropractic care could be exactly what you’re looking for to have a healthier, happier baby.