headache treatment las vegas

Whether yours are mild aches or full-blown migraines, you are not alone when it comes to headaches. Nine out of ten Americans deal with headaches in some form or another whether occasionally or frequently.

Headaches can have many triggers including allergies, stress, bright light, lack of sleep, excessive exercise and dehydration; but 95% of headaches are not caused by triggers but are the actual problem themselves. This applies to tension, cluster or migraine headaches.

Most primary headaches can ultimately be attributed to tension in the neck area. That’s where Chiropractic Health Center can help. By stabilizing your spine through chiropractic adjustments, we can alleviate the tension caused by vertebral subluxation.

Before you reach for a pain reliever, try these natural alternatives that we offer here at Chiropractic Health Center instead:

  • Nutritional counseling to eliminate possible triggers and ensure you are getting the proper vitamins
  • Massage therapy to remove knots and tension in your neck and shoulders
  • Corrective exercises to improve your posture
  • Spinal manipulations to stabilize your spine and bring it into alignment