Pinched Nerves las vegas

Pinched nerves are not fun. They can make it difficult to sit for long periods of time and cause backaches, headaches, neck pain and numbness and tingling. They are typically caused by a joint rubbing on the nerve, a bulging or herniated disc or tense muscles.

The tricky thing about pinched nerves is that they can cause pain and numbness to radiate away from the location of the actual problem. A pinched nerve in your lower back can actually cause the sole of your foot to have pain.

Before you reach for a bottle of pain relievers, find out how Chiropractic Healing Center can use natural, alternative therapies to treat the root issue that is causing the pinched nerve and bring you relief without invasive surgery.

A pinched nerve is usually the result of one of the following:

Disc Degneration:  In between your vertebrae lies a special shock absorber known as a disc. This spacer between your bones can become thinner due to disc degenerative disease. When this occurs, the hole that the nerve exits through can narrow and cause it to have pressure on it from the bones.

Disc Herniation: Whether from trauma, spinal misalignment or disc degenerative disease, a spinal disc can begin to protrude from between the bones and push on the corresponding nerves.

Subluxation: When your spine is out of alignment, it can cause the bones themselves to press on the nerves causing pain and muscle spasms.

Osteoarthritis: There are joints located in the area that nerves exit the spine and when a patient has osteoarthritis, these joints can have bone spurs or degeneration that partially block that exit and painfully compress the nerve.